Happy first month

Yesterday was a packed day! First of all it was my blogs first month anniversary! No other celebration needed than doing something new. What other than going to a concert? But as I do that quite often, I, with Hege, ended up on a jazz concert! Okay, we did not end up there, we had planned to attend that concert for quite a while.

First things first. I had to get up early as we had another showing of the house. The eighth I believe. And finally we managed to sell the house I’ve grow up in. I’ll probably cry when realizing what really happened yesterday.

After selling, the concert preparations started. With eating strawberries. And then I realized that is was a Thursday, and I only eat strawberries on Fridays, I had to put them back in the refrigerator. Sad story, really. As getting ready to leave, I found some fantastic sunglasses from the eighties in the kitchen. We’re currently cleaning out of the house and all the things we find, well they just makes us laugh. I will post pictures of them later.

Stavanger is known for always having things happening (trying to catch up with Oslo). Currently, there’s a music festival going on called Mai:Jazz. Not going to translate that one to English. The concert we went to yesterday was of course a part of that festival. The quartet playing, was Gisle Myklebust Quartet. All you smart readers probably managed to see the connection between Hege Myklebust and Gisle Myklebust. He is her father and has been playing with these incredible musicians for over 30 years. A review will be coming soon!

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