I would like to dedicate this post to a friend of mine; Markus Bredal. The tallest, highest and flyest guy in the picture. Good luck finding him.

Markus is a blogger as well. His blog is the most hilarious blog I’ve ever read. After a long discussion with my dear Hege, we decided that he should be a writer.

My story with Markus is quite interesting. First time I ever saw him was while he and our mutual friend, Torstein, were on the way to my grandma’s to help her clean out of the house. The funny thing is that I was on my way to town. He reacted on that they were doing me a favor, and I…left.

Later we’ve met at several occasions in town. At different times during the day. Mostly during the daytime. The first time we met him without any other mutual friends present, other than Magnus, was outside the cinema and we talked for almost an hour. Later he visited me at work (to buy food…) and we continued our acquaintance .

And then we went on living our separate lives.

Suddenly we started talking again as I discovered that he has a blog as well. We soon declared ourself as blogging buddies and met later at Landstreffet in Kongeparken. We hung out for a while and did the one most amazing thing blogging buddies can do: we went to a Kaizers Orchestra concert together. With at least 10 000 others… The picture above is taken during the Kaizers Orchestra concert and it also the first picture one can see when visiting Markus also uses that picture as a cover photo on Facebook. I am the girl to the right with the iPhone.

Markus writes his blog in Norwegian where it is mainly about his time as a russ. When reading the blog and the things they do, it is possible to picture all the situations he describes and you might even start feeling sorry for him. Like Hege does. For all Norwegian speakers, I would highly recommend this blog. For all Non-Norwegian speakers:

Click here to check out his blog.

Stay tuned, because we have more adventures ahead of us!

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