Jærdagene 2012

After several weeks of contemplating, I finally booked tickets to Jærnåttå 2012! This will be my fist time attending this event and I seriously cannot wait! There will be concerts by Kaizers Orchestra, LidoLido, Dumdum boys and several others! The best part is that this will be a form of celebration that I have completed the IB Diploma Program.

Here’s a little info on what Jærnåttå is:

Jærnåttå is a part of a festival called Jærdagene. The word “Jær” refers to Jæren, as the event will take place in Bryne, which is in Jæren. “Dagene” means the days in Norwegian, and thereby “nåttå”, which means the night. For all the non-Rogalendinger, you know that the night is spelled “natta” or “natten”, as “nåttå” is the written dialect of Bryne and some other parts of Jæren. Hope the explanation isn’t too confusing!

The festival will open June 1st and last until June 3rd, where it is separated into two parts; days and night. Everything occurring in the daytime until 7 pm will be free, as free concerts and other forms of entertainment, but tickets are required for the concerts occurring from 7 pm and throughout the rest of the evening.

We are looking most forward to Kaizers Orchestra (of course) and LidoLido as I did not get a chance to see his concert at Landstreffet… One of the most exciting things that it is all happening in Bryne! Oh dear fascination…

Click on the images to go to their websites

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