LS2012. The epic conclusion

This weekend has been the craziest, enjoyable, surprising, extravagant and most fantastic thing I’ve ever been a part of. I now understand why the LS2012 poster states that “20 % of being there is for the show, while 80 % is for being in the unique and crazy environment”.

Kaizers Orchestra opened the weekend with a BANG and the concerts just kept getting wilder, crazier and better. We went from Postgirobygget, a Norwegian band which is known for their summerly songs to Bernhoft – a man with an incredible voice. Ending the weekend with Calvin Harris in the inside stage (Amfiet) was a genius move! During Avicii, there was a lot of pushing and squeezing as the concert was outside, but Calvin Harris was inside and we all had room to dance. But the Acivii concert was amazing as well! LMFAO had an incredible show with drinking games on stage and champagne showers. They ended their concert with “I’m Sexy and I know it” with the wiggle dance in the animal print underwear.

We also went to the bus Metro’s party and danced for about an hour before we entered a giant moshpit in front of the Dj Mord Fustang accompanied by Dj Redfoo from LMFAO.

Now I can barely walk, I’m exhausted, I’m still excited. LS2012 was legendary. The party didn‘t stop even though we had the 4 seasons on one day: plenty of snow, chilled spring sun , summerly sun, windy, hails and rainy!

Landstreff the movie is coming out soon. But meanwhile, take a look at the pictures:

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