Friday – LS2012

Yesterday was astonishing! The environment of Landstreffet Stavanger is quite  unique, but  still fantastic. Walking from the outside and in to the main stage, you walk through several “bus rings” made up of impressive busses, large speakers and dancing russ. There might also be internationally acknowledged DJ’s in those rings! Yesterday, Nicky Romero played in one of the bus rings. For every 5th meter we walked, the music changed completely. I have a video of just that which will be posted later.

When arriving, she had to stand in line for over 90 minutes. But we where lucky because the line just getting longer… For all you future russ: Be early!!

As for the concerts, we watched Nicky Romero for a little while after an indescribable Kaizers Orchestra concert! Kaizers played a mix of old classics and new songs, but they were songs everyone knew. By standing all the way in the front, I ended up with a pick in my mouth. Than was weird and enjoyable at the same time. I hope Geir had clean fingers…

Skrillex at midnight was INCREDIBLE! No other words.

Check out the pictures

The guy in the green vest taking pictures during the Kaizers Orchestra concert is Kjetil Lundstein, also known as “The Giant”. He is a blogger as well; click here to see his blog

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