Photoshoot with the newspaper

Between waiting for the russ to come home from their trip and exam prep, I am now preparing for a photo shoot with the local newspaper Solabladet. I got a phone call from a journalist called Alise on Friday who wanted to ask some questions about the re-opening of the well-known fast food place; Snadderbuå.

Snadderbuå, located in Sola, is the place where I got my first job when I was 14/15 years old. It has for over 20 years served burgers, fries and other unhealthy good stuff for people coming from all over the country. A huge con is that the place is located on the road to the airport, leading hungry travelers straight to us. In November 2011, the place burned down. A tragedy for all the loving costumers and employees who never got their salaries. When it burned down I worked as the HR manager. As we now have new bosses, renters and everything’s brand new, I now work as an assisting manager. In 3 years, I’ve managed to build a sort of career in the tiny take-away booth and by having that job on my resume, I’ve managed to get other jobs without hesitation.

Therefore in honor of finally being in the local newspaper (after being in larger newspapers earlier), I would like to share my outfit.

Other newspapers I’ve been in:

Rogalands Avis (RA), on the cover for Krafttak mot Kreft with others from school, also from when we had exchange students from France here, but couldn’t find the two articles on their website.

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