Yesterday was my cousin Sebastian’s confirmation. Since we’re not a Christian family, he did it through the humanistic association. First we went to Bjergsted, Stavanger Concert house, for a ceremony, and after 1.5 hours there, we went to Sebastian‘s place. We mingled around; finally saw my aunt’s sister again who I apparently hadn’t seen for 3 years. My grandfather who has been a distant character in my life was also there, as well as my mother who usually lives in Oslo. There was some awkwardness in the air, as the whole family had never seen everyone on our side of the family gathered before.

We ate plenty of tasteful food from a place called “Ostehuset” (the cheese house), later followed by speeches and a huge range of cakes. I held a speech myself where I gave Sebastian 10 commandments on how to live his life, just some sisterly advise as he is entering the big world. Even though he’s only 14, he has managed to get a record deal in Germany. These commandments are made for him in order to keep his legs attached to the ground, even though he is the most grounded guy I know.

In the end, the confirmation candidate ended up with 22955 kr and is now a rich child.


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