The cake is a lie. -No it’s free.

Wednesday March 14 210 students, mostly russ from St Olav walked with collecting boxes  and collected money for the campaign “Krafttak mot Kreft“. The money went to cancer research, more accurately “kreftforeningen” – the cancer association. St Olav have the last couple of years been one of the worst schools in collecting money and even showing up. Therefore it was quite a surprise when 265 people signed up to collect money, and 210 people showed up on the day of the campaign.

Today we got the results of how much we managed to collect. On a total we collected over 21 million kroner. That is 3 million over the budget. Rogaland was the best county of the whole country, where we managed to collect 2 million kroner. The south of Rogaland collected the most of the whole county. Never in the history of this campaign has there been a school that had collected over 100 000 kr. For the first time, St Olav collected 228 000 kr. The cancer association came to our school today to thank us with 3 huge cakes and gave us mini-collecting boxes that we can attach to the thread on our hats.

A huge thanks and hugs to Karoline Østbø who made this campaign happen at our school!

In other news, we got new water dispensers and school today. True joy;

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