Happy Tree Friends

Today was a quite dull day. There were almost no students at school and we were having a subject day in English. The other classes were eating pizza or went to a restaurant while we looked at unseen texts and analyzed them. Gotta love English A1. ANYWAYS…

We started out the day early today by trying to take another knot – sitting in a tree for an hour before school starts. We met at 8.45, found two trees, one apple tree and another large tree and climbed up. It was quite uncomfortable. To make it even more uncomfortable, Hege had my strips and managed to strap me to the apple tree on both hands. Suddenly the janitor came running, all red and furious and told me to get down from the tree. Being strapped on to it, it was impossible! He still scolded me for not getting down, but luckily a fellow student came and cut me down. Hege is definitely getting some revenge for this! Marie and Kristine continued to sit in their tree. To kill time we played the game “My ship is loaded with”. Time flew…

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