This means war!

Today, almost all the russ from St Olav gathered in order to take down our arch enemy; Kongsgård, also known as Stavanger Cathedral School. We blocked all exits from the school and stood around the fence outside the whole school. While waiting for the red russ to pop out, we took the red russ roaming around town, leading to us taking a blonde girl named Hege and throwing eggs at two cars from Svithun. Later three red russ came to throw eggs at us and then ran away. Losers.

We managed to throw eggs at a red russ from Kongsgård as well as binding a good friend of mine called Birte to a tree. She got the chance to take of her jacket before she got eggs, flour, flour mix, cat food and other nasty things thrown on her. Others were probably also taken, but I left before the real war started. Couldn’t have my glam-pants dirty the second day at school as russ!

Check out the pictures

As we are blue russ, our “enemies” are the other colors, especially the red russ. The difference between red and blue russ is what we study at school, at least it was. To become a blue russ you need to study economic/business studies, even though most of the students of St Olav do sciences, St Olav was originally the business college of Stavanger. The school has chosen to keep the blue pants along with Randaberg vgs.

Red russ: Preparation for further education (studieforberedende) where you specialize in either social studies or science.

Black russ: vocational education and training (2 years of school + 2 years of internships/other training)

Green russ: farming, agricultural studies

Wish us luck as we now have almost the entire red russ, the majority of russ, against us.

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