Cheers to the nation!

Today was our first day at school as proper russ. As a russ, you have to have knots in your hat. In order to get those knots, you have to do crazy things in order to earn them. And so we did;

Single knots;

1. spend a normal class under the desk

2. Have an entire pack of Hubba Bubba chewing gum in your mouth for 10 mintues

3. Have a bottle of water or soda and cheer for the father nation evert 5th minute in a class

4. Eat and swallow your own russ-card.

Double knots;

1. Draw/wear a fake mustache an entire day at school

2. Ask Trond, the receptionist, out on a date while acting like you really mean it as well as telling him that you have had a crush on him.

3. Sing the chorus of “Tore Tang” every 15 minutes in an entire class with head banging.

Some of my friends also got their underwear signed by 5 teachers. I started out with 1 and realized that I would have to strip if I wanted to fit all the signatures. They also tried to eat 10 bamsemums (chewy, foamy chocolate bears) in 60 seconds, but they did not succeed.

Here are some pictures documenting the things we did today;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow we’re dancing macarena in the cantina with 20 others as well as other crazy things. Stay tuned!

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