Let the craziness begin!

Today is the official start of the russetid, which is one of the craziest time in our life! Today we’ve been wearing our russe pants inside out all day while waiting for the baptizing later tonight… When being baptized we have to drink 0.5 l beer/cider/smirnoff ice in 8 seconds. If we’re unable to drink it all, the rest of the drink is poured over our head. This is usually done separate places for separate schools, and before midnight everyone meets up and waits until midnight when the pants can be turned and show our decorations

Here’s some more info from Wikipedia;

The word russ is inherited from the Danish word rus, which as an abbreviation of Latin rusticus (“rural”), in former times used to ridicule new students at a university. A more elaborate explanation claims the word comes from the Latin phrase cornua depositurus, which means “bound to put aside one’s horns”. This phrase is the name of an old Danish university acceptance ceremony, the name of which was eventually simplified to just the last syllable. In Norway, an extra s has been added in order to make the word compliant with modern Norwegian spelling rules, which dictate that a short vowel should be indicated by a following double consonant. It is also to conveniently separate it from “rus”, which in Norwegian, Danish and Swedish also means “intoxication”.

Tradition dictates that each russ wears an overall during the entire russefeiring (russ celebration period). The colour of the overall should match the graduate’s line of study: Red for courses that are geared towards higher education (this is the most common colour), blue for courses in Business (also higher education in economics and management), black for Engineering (such as mechanics or electrics), and green for agricultural fields. The latter color is rarely seen due to the lower student numbers in such courses.

Overalls are unisex, and usually available in two versions, one full overall (with arms), and one resembling bib overalls. Which of the two versions are more popular varies from year to year. Currently, the bib version is most popular.

Russ knots (russeknuter) are items you earn by performing different tasks, such as sitting under your desk during class or kissing a police officer. The russ knots have been strongly criticized because many of the tasks can be considered illegal and dangerous. Examples are running through your school yard naked, abducting a freshman, and drinking a litre of wine in 20 minutes.

Here are some excerpts from the list of the russe knots (and the items you receive):

  • Answering every question the teacher asks by reading out loud from a porn magazine (pornographic picture)
  • Speak a language other than Norwegian for an entire day (a piece of a dictionary)
  • Drink a beer while having two tampons in your mouth (a tampon)
  • Order a meal from McDonalds or Burger King without using vowels (a letter from the alphabet)
  • Have safe sex outdoors (a pinecone)
  • Ask for sex tips from the mother of one of your fellow russ (a safety-pin)

Here’s some pictures from school

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