The last economics subject day…. Ever.

Today was a historical day for the IB economics students at St Olav; it was our last subject day. As economics has been one of the most fun and exciting subjects the past couple of years, this was a sad day. Sad.

We started at 10 o’clock with meeting at Torgterassen, one of the shopping malls in Stavanger. We then went to the fifth floor, where the Skagen Funds are located. We were welcomed by an Iranian woman called Atoussa, who also held a presentation about funds and investment. We were given gifts; notebooks, pens, screen cleaners and a brochure about them as well as chicken and bacon wraps, chocolate, coffee, soda and cookies. This is definitely one of the advantages of the subject days in economics, where we visit different firms and they make an effort to impress us. The presentation was quite interesting and we learned a lot about the financial crisis in 2008 and how to save and invest our money in the future – long term vs. short term.

After the presentation we had a small break before we went to SR-bank, one of the biggest banks in Norway. There we had a presentation regarding the Eurocrisis and what to do to get out of it. We were given examples of the sums of the debt with trailers with money. It was an impressive presentation and it ended with pizza, which made it even better. The presenter was a great talker and managed to answer our questions, using understandable and relevant examples.

The economics subject days have been like a vacation in the weeks in the IB. We have been to some of the largest companies in Rogaland and learned a lot about how the economy (micro and macro) really works compared to the theories. We have also gotten great food and made ourselves acquainted with important people who can help us in the future. These days will be truly missed.

Anyways, here are some pictures from the Skagen Funds;

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