What happens at school…

As these are the last couple of weeks before the exams, nothing really happens at school. We’re all tired and can’t wait for the Russetid to begin as well as cramming like crazy for the exams. In the economics class today, our teacher said we would be 8 people attending a lecture the Skagen Funds, when we really are 13 students in that class. These days people have stopped showing up to class….

In the free period I went shopping with Hege. She requested me to post pictures of the new clothes I bought today since we always make fun of the blogs where girls just post what they buy. We honestly don’t care what you buy unless it is something extravagant. But, I will post the pictures, just for laughs.

If you think 5 people missing in a class is a lot, hear this; only 1 person showed up to biology. We are 10 students, meaning that 9 were missing. Amazing.

We also got our russe-cards today. Mine is below.

Well, here are some pictures of what I bought and some things we do at school (all pictures taken at school, except the one from Statoil);

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