Martial arts pie

I work at a Martial Arts center, where I host events like birthdays and bachelor/bachelorette parties as well as helping out at some of the classes. The events are usually on Wednesdays and in the weekends and the working hours are long. It’s a quite exhausting job, but in the end it is worth it! The most fun part is getting phone numbers from cute guys in their twenties who have attended a bachelor party.

In the events we start with sumo wrestling followed by a gladiator fight and the event is ended it the ring with giant boxing. In birthday parties we also offer bouncy castles!

But the fun really begins when the last group of people have left and the only people left in the building is us instructors. We order pizza at the company’s bill and grab something good to drink from the refrigerator. We turn on the disco lights, turn off the other lights and lie in the bouncy castle while listening to music. Almost every weekend.

Here are some pictures from our adventures at work;

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