Realizing the sky is the limit

Throughout my years in school, I’ve always been a part of arranging events like prom, creative evenings, school theater etc. One day we got a mail from the cultural center of Stavanger asking for students wanting to join the international festival of literature and freedom of speech as volunteers (Kapittelfestivalen). They also used the argument that we could get the chance to work with Kaizers Orchestra as a musical based on their lyrics was about to premiere in the theater. At the time we were three people who volunteered, just to get CAS hours. We were to help with arranging the show called Demo which is a show made for the high schools in Stavanger. In this show, authors from all over the country, as well as some international authors and musicians talk about their work in order to inspire the younger generation. Last year we had authors like Tore Renberg, Maria Amelie, Erlend Nødtvedt, Bjørn Sortland, Cesilie Holck and Ruth Lillegraven. And some of these were based on our requests as volunteers. We were told that we would initially have a responsibility of taking out chairs and making sure that the authors were comfortable backstage, before we were finalized by the theater that we could have the event there. During the planning process, Vegard, one of my best friends, and I were so excited that we wanted to host the two shows. The organizer of the show was more than happy to let us host. We later found out that Janove Ottesen, the singer in Kaizers Orchestra and one of our role models, was going to sing at the shows.

The day came and we had been practicing the introductions for each of the authors. Tore Renberg, who was the author of the musical based on the lyrics of Kaizers Orchestra was introducing Janove Ottesen, as he was a surprise for the audience. No one knew that he was going to sing or be there at all. We came quite early and were offered breakfast and hot drinks.

The moment that was life changing was as we were rehearsing and Janove Ottesen had arrived, a man who worked at the theater came to us and asked if it was possible for Janove to practice his song. We were the ones to decide wether he could practice or not. We allowed him to practice and ended up with a private concert.

Later, the people working in the theater were more concerned with our wishes rather than the authors. The standing ovations were just a big plus as well as being praised by Tore Renberg and Janove Ottesen who were, and still are our heroes.

Today I am colored by the fact that anything can be achieved and anything is truly possible as long as you work hard enough. And you can be treated like a rockstar if you want to…

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