Finally getting out there

Being an almost 19 year old, living in Norway, life is wonderful! Well, almost… The Russetid is coming up as well as the exams, but before I know it, I’ll be off to New York City to study Fashion Management and Entrepreneurship. This blog will be a medium that will be used to tell everyone who’s concerned about what I’m doing.

Well first of all, who am I?

My full name is listed on the site, but most of my friends and family have called me Aman since I was a baby. Explaining to everyone why people call me my first half of my middle name has bothered me my entire life, but the reason why is quite simple. Being born in Norway, the nurses did not recognize wether Amanpreet was a girl’s name or a boy’s. Due to this I needed another name which would indicate my sex, and thereby the German name Edel, even though both my parents are Indian.

I have grown up with a mother who was quite interested in Bollywood and a father in the Indian Army. That led to a childhood filled with several meetings with my parents where I was the quiet child who admired the important people with high statuses.

I’ve had a strange childhood, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned it has to be;

The Sky is the Limit. 

I hope you will follow my experiences both in Stavanger and NY, where I will be following my dreams.

– Edel

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